While you may no longer work at the firm, you continue to be a part of the Khaitan & Co family. Our growth as a firm could not have taken place without the contributions made by our alumni, including you, and we believe our relationships with our colleagues, both past and present are invaluable and much cherished.

Our alumni are located in various parts of the world and we would love to remain in touch. We would like not only to keep ourselves updated with alumni information but also build strong bonds and a network that will work to the benefit of both the firm and the alumni. We are proud to have contributed to the careers of our alumni who are now spread globally and in diverse fields and practices. Several of our alumni are our also our best clients, which reinforces the strong relationships that are created.

To take this relationship further, we are pleased to announce our Alumni initiative – KCOnnect. KCOnnect is meant to serve as a platform for alumni to reconnect with the Firm, to keep up-to-date with the Firm's developments, benefit from the Firm’s learnings, sharing best practices, registering for Firm events (including city-specific alumni get-togethers) and to celebrate our professional achievements.

To register yourself for KCOnnect and to make the most of our alumni initiatives, we welcome you to provide your details in the fields provided below or write to us at with your latest professional and contact information.

We eagerly look forward to having you as a part of our alumni network.

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